Winter Maintenance

Yards Apart have the knowledge and expertise to help you prepare for the challenges winter weather may bring.

Snow and ice can throw up serious repercussions for your business, in the form of accident liability claims and shutdowns which in turn may lead to reputational damage, falling revenues and reduced productivity.

Trust in us to to help you avoid unnecessary incidents/near misses.

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What we do

Our winter maintenance services

Our winter maintenance teams are on 24/7 standby to ensure public safety within your car parks and premises. Whether you have one site or multi sites that require a quick response gritting service, Yards Apart have the extensive knowledge and equipment to treat all large car parks and approach roads which require large carrying capacity machines.

If it is a small site that requires smaller manoeuvrable units, this is where our ATV with SnowEx spreader comes in handy.

Footpaths and those hard to access areas require our pedestrian spreaders. Therefore, we match our equipment to site size and accessibility. After all, it is the accuracy and evenness of the spread that matters.

Snow clearance
Snow Clearing

Snow clearing is for those conditions which are so severe that simply ploughing the snow to the side of the road is not enough, but the snow specifically needs lifting and moving to a designated area or even taken off site by trucks.

Yards Apart has all of the requirements to complete this task along with the vehicles to transport the snow. Like snow ploughing these services are complimented by a salt spreader following as the snow is cleared.

Salt Bin installation
Salt Bin Installation

We offer two types of Salt Bins, they are a 200-litre premium lockable bin and a standard 200 litre bin.

All of our prices include delivery, installation of the bin, complete with approx.10 bags of salt and a handy shovel to enable spreading.

Premium Lockable 200 litre Grit Bin
Holds approx. 10 bags.

Dimensions (HxWxD):
710 x 720 x 750mm
The lid is watertight and is fitted with 1 hasp and staple for locking.

Standard 200 litre Grit Bin Holds approx. 10 bags.

Dimensions (HxWxD):
720 x 1020 x 520mm 

Rock Salt
Rock Salt Distribution

Stay ahead of the cold weather this winter and benefit from Yards Apart’s great rock salt packages

Brown Rock Salt
100% Pure Brown Winter Rock Salt, this product is not mixed, and our brown rock salt conforms to BS3247: 1991 and is the same product the Highways Agency uses so you can be confident in the knowledge that you have bought a safe and reliable salt product for winter.

White Rock Salt
White granular crushed rock salt. White Salt is a popular choice as it leaves little or no residue. 


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