Park maintenance

Local Authorities &
Parish Councils

Parks and green spaces are arguably the most universal of all public services. They are used by the entire community, from pre-school children through to retired adults.
Green space is a defining part of our local landscape and these publicly owned, civic spaces have something to offer to all.

Yards Apart have the skill set to care and maintain local parks, expansive public spaces or any other municipal grounds.  
We deliver a comprehensive service to help your grounds thrive throughout the year.

Our activities include:-

Cutting grass
Weeding shrubs and other planted areas
Pruning and hedge cutting
Trimming and removing trees
(to improve public safety)
Clearing leaves
Planting floral displays and bedding plants
Repairing damage to path edges, walls, and fences

Graffiti removal

to find out more about our ground maintenance services that are specifically designed for office and business parks, speak to our team today.


Head Office:
Hebden Road
DN15 8DT


Phone: 01724 488661
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